How to easily make ggplot2 type of line plot, ezplot - Part 6

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By Guangming Lang Comment

Updated October 4, 2018

Today I’m going to show you how to make line plots using ezplot. We’ll use the mk_lineplot() function. Make sure you first install ezplot by running the command devtools::install_github("gmlang/ezplot").


The ezplot package comes with a films dataset containing annual boxoffice/budget ratios between 1913 and 2014. Let’s plot these ratios over the years.

plt = mk_lineplot(bo_bt_ratio_by_year)
p = plt("year", "bo_bt_ratio")
add_labs(p, ylab="boxoffice/budget ratio", xlab = NULL)


For another example, let’s plot annual budget and boxoffice over the years.

plt = mk_lineplot(btbo_by_year)
p = plt("year", "tot", "type")
add_labs(p, ylab = "USD (billion)", xlab = NULL,
         title = "Annual Budget and Boxoffice from 1913 to 2014")


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