Data Preprocessing and Xgboost

Master R

By Guangming Lang Comment

We all know we need to pre-process data before we build models. However, if you’re building a XGboost model, you can avoid many of the pre-processing steps. I’ve done some google search and book reading, and the following list summarizes my findings.

  • Remove zero or near-zero variance predictors. (Don’t do it for xgboost or any tree based methods)
  • Remove highly correlated predictors. (Not needed for xgboost or other tree based ensemble methods)
  • BoxCox, Yeo-Johnson, exponential transformation of Manly (1976) and other type of transformations of the same spirit on the predictors. (Not needed for xgboost)
  • Centering and scaling the predictors. (Not needed for xgboost)
  • Missing data imputation. (Not needed for xgboost as it supports missing internally by default)
  • One-hot encoding or dummy variable creation of categorical predictors (Needed for xgboost)
  • PCA (May help with performance for xgboost)

The phrase “not needed” means, by and large, doing it won’t improve (or worsen) model performance.

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